ICT4D and the power of technology to unlock education and eradicate poverty.

Avallain Foundation’s main aim is to unlock education for those who need it most because we believe in the power of education to unlock human potential.

In our experience as an implementing organisation, we have developed a thorough understanding of the local conditions and ecosystem in which we work. We have learned that cutting-edge education technology can help us achieve our goal and reach those who have not yet been reached, leaving no one behind. We know that the right technology needs to be paired with relevant content to succeed in creating change, contributing to human development and ending poverty.

Our ultimate goal, however, is to not be needed anymore one day. We want for our work to no longer be necessary once quality education has become available to all.

Monitoring and Evaluation at Avallain Foundation

As an implementing organisation, one of our policies is to monitor and evaluate our products in order to gage the scope of their success, make the necessary changes to keep them successful and assess the achievement of our goals.

Through piloting and the use qualitative and quantitative methodologies such as Randomised Control Trials, we can see the different products in use and obtain scientifically reliable results. These allow us to better understand the exact impact of our products in the achievement of learning outcomes and the acquisition of digital literacy skills.