Teaching literacy, numeracy and digital literacy in a crisis setting, using a-ACADEMY Skills4Life

In many countries, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy are basic rights, provided to every citizen. But what of a developing country like Kenya, where in some areas, highly heterogeneous groups of people need to be educated with little access to resources or infrastructure? Meeting a crisis head-on Enter Kakuma, a village [...]

From 200 to 20,000 schools, the story of a scale up:
a-ACADEMY takes part in Kenya’s nationwide Digital Literacy Programme (1/3)

For many years the catchphrase ‘one laptop per child’ in primary schools appeared to be just an empty promise. On a recurrent basis, there have been initiatives to improve digital literacy among Kenyan children, but the poor infrastructure in many schools and the lack of relevant high-quality content has always been a huge obstacle. [...]

Digital content in Kenya. How to get the endorsement of the Government.

Supporting students from the most unprivileged backgrounds is our mission and that is precisely why we created a-ACADEMY—a digital learning platform for primary school children. So far, we have worked mainly in informal slum schools in Africa that need our support most desperately, making our material available already to more than 15,000 students. Reaching so [...]

Reaching 10,000 children as promised (1/2)

Working in the slums of Nairobi is not always an easy task. In the time we spend in slum schools with their teachers, who work tirelessly to educate a whole generation, we get to hear about the hurdles they need to overcome on a daily basis. Education in the slums becomes even trickier when it [...]

Is digital education doing its job in Africa? Avallain Foundation puts itself to the test to find out. (1/3)

At Avallain Foundation, we want to unlock human potential and we believe we can do this through providing comprehensive education that equips students with key 21st century competencies, like Digital Literacy. But, are our best intentions actually doing the job? To find out, we decided to conduct a Digital Literacy Study to understand if students [...]

Avallain AG launches Avallain Foundation to unlock education for those who need it most

Quality basic education: an essential human right that nearly 61 million primary school aged children are left without each year.1 With current technological advances and such widespread internet access available around the world, why are so many learners being left behind? At Avallain AG we asked ourselves that same question and after years of committing [...]